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Meg Garrod Art

Positive Prints ~ 14 Postcard Set ~ Affirmation Artwork

Positive Prints ~ 14 Postcard Set ~ Affirmation Artwork

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 D E S C R I P T I O N 

Positive Prints are a set of 14 colourful and empowering postcards! 

Each postcard is printed on the highest quality 300gsm textured gesso and they are double sided, leaving space to write a message on the back! 

Each painting was lovingly hand painted by Meg Garrod with the intention of creating art that inspired and uplifted the viewer

The postcards can be used for many purposes, from sending love letters to your favourite people to creating a colourful collage wall 

 D E T A I L S 

✏︎ Printed on textures gesso (300gsm)

✏︎ 14x A6 postcards

✏︎ Double-sided design

✏︎ Packaged in a colourful envelope

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