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Sam Jayne Design - Illustrator and Pattern Queen

Sam is the Head Designer behind SJ Design and has worked in the industry for over 7 years. Sam studied Textiles/Surface Pattern Design at University and specialised in surface pattern, packaging design and llustration. I absolutely adore the way Sam incorporates type into illustrations and her bright, fun colour schemes!  

Sam Jayne has designed has worked for many well known clients including Birchbox, Primark and Mylk Plus. The work for Mylk Plus was for social media posts and I love the way that Sam has incorporated her signature pink colour scheme while aligning it with the brands classic guidelines and designs!

The illustrations fit perfectly within the brands existing colour scheme as well as adding a quirky hand drawn feel. Simple illustrations paired with witty text creates a really appealing design that would attract engagement on social media.

Another project by Sam Jayne Design that I love are these Sticker illustrations for Quadrille Publishing. Sam designed to the brief of two themes, Girl Power and Cosmic Girl.

The design is very clever in that, despite the themes being very different, they still look like they fit together as a collection. Both designs use a colour scheme that includes black outlines as well as they both using beautiful typographic work along with small illustrations.

Sam Jayne's illustrations are perfect for colourful and fun graphic design briefs. The colour schemes are vibrant and bold while the type is easily legible but holds a lovely hand written quality. Sam offers Branding packages which are inspirational and I love having a scroll through them!

SJ Designs has shown me how I can still put my essence and style into designs and has shown me how you can tweak your skills, illustrations and stylistic values to design branding that fits perfectly within the brand guidelines.

You can find Sam Jayne Designs here:

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