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Livia Falcaru - Illustrator and Visual Artist

Livia Falcaru is one of my favourite illustrators, from her beautiful colour palettes to the organic textures she adds to her art, everything she creates inspires me. Falcaru's work is inspired by her experiences living as a woman as well as illustrating her emotions.

Falcaru creates both digital and traditional artwork yet manages to add the grainy texture of traditional mediums to her digital work as well. As an illustrator who also uses both these mediums, one of the challenges I face is making the digital work hold a hand-crafted quality to its line work. By looking at Falcaru's work I think the added paper texture in the background along with the grainy digital pen used creates a harmonious hand-crafted texture.

Livia Falcaru has also worked with many well-known brands such as Avon, Samsung and WhatsApp. However her campaign with Always is one of my favourites. It showed me how, even with such an established style, you can incorporate a company's branding. I love the way that the Always logo is illustrated in such a way that it is recognisable as Falcaru's work, the added texture along with the colour palette links both the brand and the artist.

Falcaru is very well known for her work on Giphy where she creates beautiful Gifs to use on social media! She has nearly 6 BILLION views and I'm sure a lot of you have seen them before!

I love the simplicity of the illustrations, which makes sure they stand out on instagram and snapchat stories. The use of Gifs is usually against a photographic background so the bold block colours ensure they can be seen clearly while maintaining Livia's unique style.

The positive messages, the vibrant colour palettes and the organic texture of Livia Falcaru's work is only part of why I admire her illustrations so much! It's encouraging to see an illustrator work with brands while maintaining such a consistent style.

To view Livia's work see the links below or alternatively click on the images to be sent to the source.

Website -

Instagram -


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